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Feb. 2020 - June. 2020

What have I done for God to love me, to desire and pursue me despite my filthiness? Heavily flawed, imperfect, and a complete mess, but Jesus chooses to wash it all away and gives me a clean slate. I fall and He picks me up, I sin, Yahweh forgives. I am undeserving of His love yet He gives it to me freely, in abundance. I am unclean, but in Him, I am righteous. I long and attain freedom from my flesh DAILY.

No longer am I a slave to sin, No longer am I in the hands of the enemy, No longer am I under the control of the one who fears me. For a Man has saved me and those who follow Him are free indeed. Dare to Crxte Differently. 


LOOKBOOK by Gessy Robin

POP-UP SHOTS by Gessy Robin