In this collection, Niyi expresses his thoughts on creation and life in general through art. He intended to create "Untitled" with no established concept, but in every creation, there is an innate connection that leads back to the creator.


Project - 04: Exhibit No.3


Handle with care. These limited art pieces are made with you in mind. The design, manufacturing and branding process of these products will not be possible without dedicated people that have invested their time and effort into making sure you are satisfied. Prod. No.9 & Prod. No.23 are of the second release of the Untitled collection.


Limited Access: Prod No.8 - Prod No.23


One of our desires is to express our ideas for every project through various media, so we decided to do so through videography. This is a montage of different shots taken during the Untitled photoshoot. We had fun creating these diaries and we hope you enjoy watching them

Video Diaries

Project - 04.

Our goal as a brand is to offer every customer value through our services. We decided to share the ideas behind the first design of the collection and the design that inspired the whole collection. We hope you see the artistic mind behind this project and we hope it inspires you to create.

Creative Process

Project - 04.

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