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"The Crown Is Mine"

Once desolate, trapped in the four walls of death

Choked by the stench of animosity,

My being was enchanted by revenge and hate

Repelling all that was good with intensity,

A walking puppet

Empty at heart and literally dead,

I pursued all I was a slave to

Gassed at each step,

Not seeing the finish line

Wondering to myself

When does this race end

But I kept going,

There had to be some reward

For all of this at least,

Till I met a rock

That broke the walls of death around me

Shattering the hardness of my heart,

A perfect rock that illuminated my being

Clothing me in glory and honour,

It delighted in me

I began to radiate light

Everywhere I went,

My steps became majestic and immaculate

Everything with accuracy,

Giving me a crown that sealed me

To this good rock,

Now I walk with confidence

Joyous at every moment

Filled with immense peace

Assured that The Crown Is Mine.

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