Stay w/ Me.

I think you’ll actually come to realize that you’ll have to grow up(like intentionally handle the stuff) in what may somehow feel great for some during the short moments of living out their liberty and individuality and then comes the dawning sense of responsibilities(that’s right,plural)

Many emotions I could attribute to various phases of my life(as though there’s a natural clock inside me and all of us…. Save the external one we consciously race against but perhaps that’s another topic)

From being little with simple desires of being an adult because well it’s the picture of true liberty for some children

From that perspective life is wonderful(hard when you don’t factor responsibilities and work), to be able to do what you want because as you grow you get to point where you feel you need to be independent and enjoy the pleasures of accomplishing tasks yourself

From being carried around, you(by nature) desired the day you would walk on two feet like the giant you knew you’d be

And then displaying your intelligence and powers of observation by imitating the first few sounds of the language that has always been spoken to you

Somehow you abandon your methods as a baby and proceed with this new one you adopted, you don’t cry anymore to get food or scream at the top of your lungs. You just initiate simple gestures… I don’t think anyone made a PowerPoint presentation to for any of these things you were simply growing, developing, learning and well look at you now. You ought to be proud or in the very least give God glory.

Anyway simple desires, funny notions, and of course fantasies of being the giant, all of informed and educated as you go along the way.

As I mentioned earlier, the moving into the next phases of life I’ve noticed they often come with their companions

A simple desire, I remember being a child and wanting to be a the stage where I no longer used pencils to write but pens.. why?

Well all the adults use it so why not. I guess to me pencils signified everything about a child you’d often want to know; error prone but can always be corrected with the use of an eraser

But the pen… different story, no corrections whatsoever, so why wouldn’t I want that

Now I’m older and I’ve got the pen, my conclusion? My handwriting looks better with a pencil

You mainly begin to think stages to being an adult never really having the knowledge to detail how you want these things to be truly

Nursery/Kindergarten, primary, secondary, and then post secondary.

But it’d be easy to mention the transition of primary to secondary and so on

I remember hearing what it was like on the other side and craving that sort of freedom so bad. Fuelled with the desire of looking at secondary school boys, desiring to be in that position soon and then hearing the stories of what that life is like or in the very least the exciting part

Wanting to get in so bad and then after acquiring it wanting to get out so bad

Same story with secondary and post secondary depending on you.

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