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Sept. 2020 - Mar. 2021

In this collection, I express my thoughts on creation and life in general through art. I intended to create "Untitled" with no established concept, but in every creation, there is an innate connection that leads back to the creator. 


POETRY by C.Ruth

Dawn of Time
Trying to be righteous/save yourself is a vicious circle
There is original sin, and as long as you focus on current/superficial sin
You cannot begin to understand your nature
The person that needs improvements is the same person recommending
What needs to be improved, I mean, then making the recommendations flawed
To begin with

Perfect Sacrifice
Focusing on how Jesus led without ego
His life here was for the service of other people
A notable lesson

Trying to comprehend the ways/reasonings of heaven or origins
Without careful consideration for how you approach these matters
You end up confusing yourself

The fact of the matter is love is the key 
That connects us to God
Those connections make us royal

Unending Love
If you genuinely feel love
No words are needed, really
And Niyi does that perfectly with illustrations
Jean with beats
Me with tunes
The gift of this illustration is from knowing you are loved unconditionally

My destiny is in connection with love.
Love leading to understanding which fosters patience
And regardless of my economic/superficial state
I'm still grateful for breathing

Loved by God
Knowing I am loved regardless of what I do, I find the freedom to express myself fully
Literally without any fear and complete sincerity

LOOKBOOK by Gessy Robin

AR & ANIMATIONS by Credo Hope