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Apr. 2021 - Sept. 2021

In this collection, I reflect on a moment in my life where it felt like I was misunderstood. It felt like the trials and circumstances became overwhelming that I began to doubt my sense of direction and clarity given by the One who created me. This project reflects a particular time that led to me gaining more clarity on my purpose and the birth of ZeroResistance. 

Through my darkest fears, pain, and doubt, I see the light that guides me to the path of peace. Overcoming my lost moments as I am found through your everlasting love.


POETRY by Seyi Oluboba

I possess no ability of my own
Once I am left alone
It's a free fall into the unknown 
I think no one understands it

I had no idea, that there, in plain sight
You hovered over me in pure delight 
When I stumbled and I fell 
Only your hands could keep me from hell

I count myself incredibly lucky
What a time to be made alive 
From utter darkness and despair 
I was blind till you became my eyes

Lost in space 
Till you shipped me off to planet Sozo
So goes the imminent death and
In comes overwhelming life

Through my darkest fears, pain and doubt, I see the light that guides me to the path of peace, overcoming my lost moments as I am found... through your everlasting love

LOOKBOOK by Gessy Robin

ANIMATION by Credo Hope

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